The Secrets of Highly Rated Mobile Apps

Apps development has turned out to be profitable. It is worth investing money. Many private entrepreneurs are wondering how to unravel secrets that can help to develop a highly-rated app with fewer expenses. In this article we are going to raise the questions “How to make a successful app that is going to pay off your efforts and investment?” and “What secrets lie behind highly rated mobile apps?”  Our experts have analyzed the current data and figured out the following secrets of highly-rated mobile applications:

Secret #1. Idea – its value and expenses

The development starts with an idea. The process of shaping the idea with a developer comprises several stages, the most important ones: requirement gathering, design and development itself. In fact, you have to work closely with the developer and agree upon app functionality, features and design, and last but not least, the budget of the whole project. The budget depends mainly on the number of features and should correlate with KPI.  It is worth consulting a marketing analyst, too. At this stage you are prompted to do a thorough analysis of expenses and profit. They can take some factors into consideration as such, for instance, average revenue per user, return on investment (ROI) and so on. So you are able to know fairly well whether it is worth investing money as ROI is evident to you.

Secret #2. The successful app prototype

A highly-rated mobile app must meet the requirements put forward by its target audience.  All the parameters are being pretested by quality assurance officers before the launch. Take your time to check if the concept and realization fit in well enough. You can really get a glimpse into what the app’s display is like…. and make little adjustment if necessary at this stage to save money expenses afterwards.  Remember that a good prototype is important for a qualitative process though it does not influence the rating in the app store. What really makes the difference is whether it is a native app and its compliance with modern trends and guidelines. The latter should be taken into consideration even more than a simply good prototype.

Secret #3. Revise, Feedback, Implement cycle

There you are, your first ready-made prototype is elaborated carefully into your future highly-rated application version one. You are highly advised on this stage to go through a thorough examination and, eventually, get a substantial feedback from testers so that your app can have a reliable implementation. It would be a total disaster to get real users disappointed with version one at the very beginning. Why don’t you count so many Revise, Feedback and Implement cycles as it must be for a crash-free app launch?!

Secret #4 Attractive design plus impeccable coding solution is equal to the most successful app

How many times have you tried something well-done wrapped into a poorly-designed cover?  I bet, less tries than one can think. The poor design does not attract customers at all. Secret # 4 is to put your implemented version one into a stylish, modern, engaging cover. Figuratively saying, the highly-rated successful mobile apps should be aligned with trends in application design: font, colour solution, the shape of elements, the size of buttons, a menu, a search bar, input fields etc have to be welded seamlessly with the programmer’s code.

Secret #5 How to launch a successful app and cut the expenses at the same time!

The topic of cutting expenses is a delicate one. The complexity of an app and the project budget influence the sum of total expenses. You are recommended to apply to a freelancer and use predefined functional modules in case the budget is limited to approximately € 4000. However, if you can afford to increase the budget tenfold and more, you can expect a team of professionals to polish it to perfection and launch on the market as the most successful app, with an appropriate marketing strategy at that!

To recap, we suggest paying attention to these five secretes of highly rated mobile apps irrespective to which type of app you are developing – a community or industry ones; these secrets are applicable to any apps.